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E-Commerce websites

With e-commerce solutions, you can sell everywhere that your customers are. Denney Agency can ensure that your products are getting in front of the customers that want them most.


From product searches to final check-out, we will create a seamless user experience that will bring your shoppers back again and again.


Competition among e-commerce sites is fierce and growing. Building an online store is no longer about uploading new products. It now requires a sophisticated knowledge of how to create a superior user experience, capture search engine traffic, and monitor tactics for converting shoppers into buyers.


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Denney Agency has the knowledge to give you the ability to deliver targeted, relevant email content to your audience. We proudly offer email marketing services for your organization.


Whether you just want guidance in the first phases of the email marketing process, or you want someone to take care of all your email marketing content, we can help.


Because of a huge growth in the convenience and style of business emails, consumers want to hear what you have to say, so it’s important to make it count and personalize it. Today’s email marketing software makes it possible to implement all sorts of email automation processes, allowing you the power to personalize content to audience segments based on open-rates, click-through rates, interests, and even targeting specific clients themselves.


We’re equipped to help you with everything from email capture to keep your list growing to creating and managing the content for you. We work with multiple email marketing platforms like Constant Contact and MailChimp, and integrate easy sign-up forms for your website to making getting fresh subscribers simple.


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In your quest for digital marketing, it’s likely you’ve heard someone encourage you to try PPC advertising, which is also called Google AdWords, Bing Ads, or Pay-Per-Click advertising.


Historically, Google AdWords has been regarded as a first-step customer acquisition strategy. Getting people to click requires a strategy and specific keywords but once they click, you have to have a strong site to push them to for a true conversion. A PPC campaign is one of the easiest methods for getting new customers. The immediacy with which these campaigns see results makes it popular with new businesses, or businesses with a lesser known service.


Paid search marketing is most effective when it is done strategically and in conjunction with an organic SEO plan. Using unique keywords; we’ll help you find the exact keywords to use and write ads that get clicked, and bring customers to a beautiful, functional website.


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social media marketing

We have in-house social media gurus that are ready to get to know you and your customers. Let us handle your online strategy development, social branding, content creation, brand awareness and more.


Developing the best mix of social platforms is more than important — it’s crucial. It can feel overwhelming; knowing when, where and what content to post to each platform can be a daunting task. To attract relevant followers, you have to choose the right social channels where your audience is most present, and deliver them content they will be interested in enough to share and interact with.


Keeping your social media profiles fresh is just as important as keeping your website content fresh, and more strategy and planning goes into it than you would think. You want to create a relationship with your followers, and let them see the personality and character behind your company. To achieve that, you want your followers to see consistent, authentic and entertaining content. Not just random news updates or special offerings.


Businesses in almost any field are now prioritizing social media; now’s the perfect time to get ahead of your competitors. With proven strategy, we can give you the exposure you need for a successful online presence.


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Similar to the mission of email marketing, Denney Agency can help to deliver targeted, relevant text message content to your audience as well. We proudly offer text club marketing services for your organization.


We can help your business setup your text club from marketing materials to the initial setting up of the account. And if you want us to handle the sending of texts to your customers, we can help with that as well.


Consumers want to hear what you have to say, so it’s important to make it count. We can help you to send targeted messages to your customers that will have the most impact in driving sales to your business.


We’re equipped to help you with everything the gathering of phone numbers to keep your list growing to creating and managing the content for you. We work with multiple text club marketing platforms like EZTexting and Club Texting, and we can integrate marketing signup forms into your website to making getting subscribers simple.


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