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Angie Denney began the plans for Denney Agency as a teenager and set forth to make them happen. As the backbone and genius behind our company, Angie inspires the creativity in our entire team. Take a look below at the Q&A with the Denney Agency founder where we talk traveling, music and inspiration. WHAT SPARKED YOUR INTEREST IN GRAPHIC DESIGN AND MARKETING? As a little girl about the age of 10, I dreamed of working for an advertising agency in NYC as a designer creating ads for magazines and tv commercials. It has always fascinated me how the "power of words" and "creative design" empower people to buy a specific product or service. WHAT INSPIRED YOUR CAREER? In my senior year of high school, I had to create a "mock" business and business plan for a marketing class. My business was a advertising agency that would market and promote all of the other businesses that my classmates created. (I'm proud to say it won many awards, and all of my classmate-clients were very successful - even in a pretend world.) The business was called The AD Agency, and I used that same business model 25 years later to create Denney Agency. WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO IN YOUR FREE TIME? My favorite things to do in my spare time are: getting out of town and experience new places, reading marketing books, running and exercising while listening to music, visiting art museums, tasting new foods that I have never had before and coming up with marketing ideas for my clients. And, of course, I love being with my amazing, funny, talented, creative children, family & friends that inspire me everyday! NAME THREE PEOPLE - DEAD OR ALIVE - THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO HANG OUT WITH. 1. My beautiful, funny, loving Mother - I miss her daily! 2. My most favorite advertising genius ever, Phil Dusenberry - It breaks my heart I never got to meet him in person. 3. My make believe TV Advertising creative crush, Don Draper - I watch re-runs of Mad Men every chance I get. WHAT ARE THREE THINGS MOST PEOPLE DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU? 1. I cannot stand for people to litter! "Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute." 2. I dream of creating enough works of art that I could have a show in a museum/gallery in NYC. I am a museum nerd! 3. I am writing a novel about my half-sister that I haven't seen since she was one, and I dream of one day meeting her and having it published for the world to read. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD TO TRAVEL? I (heart) NYC! IF YOU COULD LIVE IN ANY TV SHOW, MOVIE OR BOOK, WHAT WOULD IT BE AND WHY? TV Show: Mad Men (My favorite era of advertising!) IF YOU COULD SING ONE SONG ON AMERICAN IDOL, WHAT WOULD IT BE? A modern cool remake of the song "Sentimental Ol' You" by Charlie McClain. My Mom always sang that to me, and it always makes me happy and sad at the same time! WHAT ARE THE TITLES OF THE LAST 3 BOOKS YOU READ, AND WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO READ THEM? I love marketing books and these are my 3 favorites ever that I read over and over! 1. Then We Set His Hair on Fire! by Phil Dusenberry 2. Wizard of Ads by Roy H. Williams 3. Bang! by Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval


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