Our Team



Years Advertising Experience: 20+


Education: Associates Degree in Graphic Design from Meridian Community College


Client Experience: After working for her family printing business as a graphic designer and office manager for 15 years while serving as the face and voice of local events as a radio announcer, ad creative representative and television personality, Angie finally set forth to make her dream a reality. She put together a team at Denney Agency specifically to guide your brand through the obstacles of the competitive marketplace to come out on top.


Interesting Fact: Her life-long love of "all things advertising" is reflected in a beloved collection of 1930s Life magazines and in stacks of marketing books. There isn't a day you won't find Angie's head buried in these books looking for inspiration.


Hobbies: With a love for travel, reading and writing, you'll almost never find Angie without a smile on her face or a glass of green tea in her hand. When she's not working towards her dream, Angie also loves working out - but only if she's got great music to listen to.


3 People, Dead or Alive, that She Would Like to Eat Dinner With: Her mother, Phil Dusenberry and Don Draper


Favorite Place to Travel: NYC


3 Most Beloved Books: Then We Set His Hair on Fire! by Phil Dusenberry, Wizard of Ads by Roy H. Williams and Bang! by Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval


Something People Don't Know: Angie cannot stand for people to litter. Give a hoot, don't pollute!